Social Media and Privacy
Privacy – definition: “The state of being alone, or the right to keep one’s personal matters and relationships secret” (Cambridge English Dictionary)[i]. In the last ten years the sense of common privacy evolved under the influences of the rapid development of the latest technology, social media and the Internet. As […]

Do you feel you have control over your data, digital ...

AR/VR/MR or Augmented reality – that is, the technology that add to real life experiences or RR (real reality) computer generated image representations. Example of Augmented reality is Microsoft’s HoloLens; Virtual reality – that when the individual is insulated from the real life in full and all that can be […]

Augmented Reality; Virtual Reality; Mixed Reality and the future ...

  We all are familiar or at least heard about 3D printing. It became very common for us to accept products like smart phone cases or other small items, mostly till this moment made from plastics to be part of our daily life. Nevertheless, 3D Printing is advancing far more […]

The Future of 3D Printing

Specialists have been prompting for quite a long time that imparting your objectives to others expands your dedication to them. When you do, you feel responsible. You feel as though you’re headed to achievement. Nothing can stop you. It turns out we failed to understand the situation. Therapists have found […]

Why Protecting Your Goals Private, Is The Leading Path To ...

image of electronic waste
I implore you, go to the Internet and search for images of “e-waste China” or “e-waste Nigeria” and you will see a breathtaking display of disturbing photographs: small children around discard electronics, young boys dragging vast metallic tubes, men burning plastic computer’s components, without masks to filter particulates floating up […]

Toxic ‘e-waste’ dumped in poor nations, says United Nations

October 1 was the due date for retailers and charge card providers to change over to utilizing the new EMV Credit Cards, which contain a chip that is intended to battle fraud by producing and scrambling unique code every time the card is utilized. For us, this is the way it plays: […]

Watch Out: with new “smart chip” charge card tricks