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Until recently, Multi-factor Authentication and notably, Two-factor authentication (2FA) were appealing to all of us as a prevalent practice to protect us from the nuisance of varieties of phishing attacks. After AT&T patented it for the first time in late 1995 and later implemented by Twitter in 2013, Multi-Factor Authentication […]

Multi-factor Authentication and can we depend on that method for ...

In my previous article I described a general information about what is phishing attack and basic tips how to protect ourselves from them. This article I would review what options we have to use today’s technology to help us secure our data and protect ourselves from phishing attackers. What are most popular […]

Phishing attacks and what to do about them.

Let start with defining what “PHISHING ATTACK” is. One easy to understand definition of the phishing attack is: “Phishing is misrepresentation where the criminal uses social engineering to appear as a trusted identity. They leverage the trust to gain valuable information; usually details of accounts, or enough information to open […]

How to protect ourselves from Phishing attacks?

It is known that we as humans struggle with remembering and managing multiple complicated passwords, that are required to access different applications on a daily basis. To comply with the latest cybersecurity requirements for passwords should be at least 8 characters, mix of both upper and lower case letters, at […]

How to painlessly remember your passwords

When comes to 3D Printing, most of us tend to relate that with engineering, construction, special industries and large arrays of consumer products. The reports about the application of 3D Printing and medical industry, including Healthcare often received with a positive note, and yet like a part of the distant […]

Medical Industry today reshaped by the latest innovation in 3D Printing

3D Printing Technology advances today are dynamic and swift, to the extent of leaving us behind and unable to catch up with them. It was recently just a couple of years back in time when 3D Printing Technology was still serving only a narrow circle of scientists and high-end corporate […]

Science Fiction comes to reality with latest 3D Printing Technology ...